Inspiring Instagram Accounts That Every Young Adult Needs To Follow

If you are anything like me, you spend plenty of time on Instagram each day. I often shame myself for using my time unwisely and not being as productive as I want to be. Society has made us think that we must be doing something every second of the day to be successful. Even though scrolling your feed can be seen as a major waste of time, there are ways you can use it to benefit your overall well being. I have rounded up what I find to be some of the most inspiring Instagram accounts that I have come to know and love. Follow these accounts to be inspired every time you go on Instagram!Every young adult needs to follow these inspiring Instagram accounts to get motivated to live their best life! Increase productivity and live healthy!

6 Am Success

I recently found this account. I am SO glad I did! This account aims to inspire people through images with text on them. Whether it be through quotes from successful people or powerful words, you will immediately be inspired to chase your dreams and find the success you are looking for as a young adult. This will be one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts in your feed!

Tag your team 👇🏼 #6amsuccess Mindset is everything

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Mallory Ervin

Mallory is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who embodies positivity. She has crazy stories from her time competing in Miss America as well as The Amazing Race. Mallory shares her experiences with her husband, beauty tips, tips on how to live healthy. She is one of the happiest and most positive people I have encountered (on the web). Be sure to follow along on her stories for daily positivity and cooking lessons!!

Ash Heflin Fitness

Ashley just started her account last month and is killing it! She posts workout videos at home and in the gym. Her goal is to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle wherever they are. Her captions include mini workouts with tips to improve form and target certain areas more.

Smart Twenties

I have talked about how much I love Sam Brown before. Sam is a motivational blogger, YouTuber, and Podcaster. Her goal is to encourage ambitious young adults to make the most of their twenties through the personal development empire she has created. On her Instagram, sam posts motivational quotes that will empower any young adult to take hold of their life and live their twenties in the smartest way possible. She acknowledges that none of us really know what we are doing She helps us figure it out with hard work and dedication.

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This was one of my biggest lessons last year 👆🏼 . I was a MASTER procrastinator all throughout high school and uni and an even worse one when it came to my own business (since the boss is happy to negotiate on deadlines 😂). I thought that I 'worked better under pressure' and that my problem was distractions ❌ . Really, the problem was that I didn't want to be seen 😮 I didn't want to be judged 😔 And as long as I procrastinated, I could never be judged fully because I always had an excuse up my sleeve for when I underperformed (AND I got a nice little ego boost when I'd procrastinated and did really well, which only made the problem worse) 💁🏼 . I almost can't believe it when I say that I've stopped procrastinating 🎉 There's no special app. I don't need to turn off the internet. And I don't delete Facebook. I've just figured out how to plan properly and then follow my plans, whether I feel like it or not (which always takes A LOT of mind management since I never feel like it) 🙃 And it's not because I figured out how to stay motivated! I've learned to sit with discomfort (sounds so fun, hey?) and be willing for my abilities (or lack thereof) to be seen by others 🙈 . I'm so excited to be created an updated version of my online course Get Out Of Your Own Way, to share everything that I wish I knew when I was a uni student! And I'll be sharing more about it in the next few weeks! ✨ . I'm also learning that stopping procrastination doesn't mean you never get to watch Netflix or do anything fun 😴 If you do it right, you'll have even more time to do those things 🙏🏽

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This account will fill your Instagram feed with motivational talk videos that will get you to where you want to be in life in only a matter of time! Watch his videos and get motivated to live your best life each day!

Laura Beth

Laura Beth is the sweetest person ever! She runs a cute little blog called LB In The City where she blogs all about lifestyle and fashion. Her Instagram feed is filled with the cutest pictures of her life in Nashville. She will inspire you with her trendy style and beauty favorites.

Advice From A 20 Something

Most young adults are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. I know I am! Amanda posts the prettiest pictures full of advice on careers, relationships, and everyday life. She also has a blog full of even better tips on how to survive our twenties.

Dani Austin

Dani Austin is the most authentic influencer EVER! She is all about embracing her imperfections and empowering other women to do the same. She just launched a new group called The Sassy Club that aims to encourage women to own who they are in God’s image and break down the barriers that social media so often creates. On her stories she hosts Retainer Talk where she discusses important life topics. She has a blog and Youtube channel where she creates fashion and lifestyle related content. Although I love all of these inspiring Instagram accounts, Dani’s is my favorite!

In 2016, I was paralyzed by comparison. I wanted to be like the other girls on the Internet. I only wanted you to see me at my BEST. When I moved to Dallas, I stopped. I gave up. I surrendered. With my inaugural Retainer Talk, I washed off all the makeup, put on my retainer, and fearfully opened the real Dani up to the world on IG Stories. I went from the girl UNSUCCESSFULLY portraying perfection to owning my imperfection with a little bit of sassiness because I knew that my frizzy hair, past mistakes, or imperfections COULD NOT keep me from the love of my GOD.👆🏼. . YOU KNOW WHAT IS CRAZIER?! With no prior plans I started to realize that as I opened up to you all, YOU ALL opened up back. In the middle of this year, you all started sending me messages with your own retainers in. You started thanking me. You started feeling inspired to be who God designed you to be. I realized that there was a secret club out there of women all struggling and wrestling with this idea of perfection. There was a society of us that wanted to have our messy buns and pimples and still be bold enough to feel HOT. There was a group of sassy mamas out there wanting to feel comfortable in their own skin powered by the love of God over others. . In 2018 I am leaning into more transparency and rawness. But I am going to challenge YOU to join in with me because my dream for 2018 is a COMMUNITY. 2018 is about us all rediscovering ourselves outside of expectation. It is about us being defined by God. . By the end of 2018 we are going to look at our frizzy hair and acne and with sass say one thing: . I’m a hot SASSY mama. Want to join @TheSassyClub? #linkinbio

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Dreams are totally coming true in 2018 and I only have my AWESOME God to thank for that. ☝🏼I’m thankful for the courage he has given me to fall in love, pursue my dreams, and constantly make myself uncomfortable to glorify Him. I’m thankful for you guys and for accepting me for me for who I am. 🙏🏼Thanks for supporting Jordan and I as we got engaged, rent houses, start our own businesses, launch @thesassyclub and just do life! I pray for and think about y’all all da time… like we SISTAHS!!! #theSassyClub hehe 🙃// Here is one of my fav @berta dresses I tried on at @bblewisville! The details had me SHOOK!! I did a wedding dress try on, on my blog, where you can see some of my fav styles and vote on your fav. There’s actually an entire wedding planning tab on my blog if y’all are intrigued! #linkinbio . . . QUESTION👰🏼: Do you have a favorite wedding dress designer? Wedding venue? Wedding photographer? Just wanting some wedding inspo tonight!! 🤓. . . My fav dresses from @nordstrom are linked here (plus my fav self tanner I’ll be using to get wedding ready lol ): You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the app . #liketkit #dallaswedding #bertabridal #berta #bertabride #laceweddingdress #weddingdressgoals

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Hopefully these inspiring Instagram accounts get your life on track and motivate you to live your best life. Each of these accounts have helped me feel like I am being more productive on Instagram. Let me know which account was your favorite and be sure to give them a follow!






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